Another Sexual Harassment Scandal in Science

I thought this blog post by Tabitha Powledge was a great rundown of the scandal currently unfolding around Bora Zivkovic, the man who has helped build the vibrant blogging community over at Scientific American.

Basically, it has emerged that a number of women who work with Zivkovic, who is famous as a mentor for science writers, have been subjected to talk and behavior that is majorly inappropriate. Obviously, when this kind of harassment comes from someone who can make or break your career, it becomes a big problem.

Many scientists and science writers were horrified by the initial victim-doubting that met blogger Monica Byrne’s claims (which were quickly substantiated by both Zivkovic and other women who reported even more egregious behavior on the part of Zivkovic).

My guess is that virtually every woman in the field of science or science writing has a similar story to tell–not about Zivkovic, but about being stuck in similar situations, having to deal with similarly inappropriate behavior. It’s a pretty depressing state of affairs. How do we get things to change?